Hi and welcome to Karin Lindeskov´s shop.

Karin Lindeskov Andersen is a Danish freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.
Her work embraces a wide range of printproducts including posters, postcards, wrappingpaper and limited edition prints. 

Her selection of illustrations for children is full of cheeky animals in an often simplistic and brightly coloured style, 
whilst the products in her collection for „grown-ups“, with meticulous line-work and a never tiring accumulation of details, delivers a more poetic expression.

Besides her work with self-initiated projects, Karin offers large and small-scale solutions to clients in a field spanning from small private companies to international organizations.

Say hello: mail (a) karinlindeskov.com


Retailers Germany:
Human Empire / Hamburg
Kaufhaus Hamburg / Hamburg
Immer Im Zimmer / Hamburg
Kunsthaltestelle / Hamburg
Zeitlos Wohnelemente / Ottensen / Hamburg
Glasbox / Bremen
Superjuju / Stuttgart
MOOI / Rostock
Knalltüte / Leipzig


If you are interested in hearing about the possibilities of becoming a reseller of Karin Lindeskov illustrations please send me an email
mail (a) karinlindeskov.com

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